Best Moments of 2016

I wasn’t going to do this but my mate talked me into it. I thought I’d had enough 2016 stuff in here – the top 10 music and the blog about the bad rough year it has been. But here are some good moments that will be remembered as well. We shouldn’t forget the good stuff.

10. Picasso Painting for my mate on her birthday: For my gal’s birthday, I took her to the Tracy Aviary where a macaw parrot named Picasso painted a picture for her. It was super cute and fun to watch. The end product was adorable.

9. Balloon Races in Reno: In September we went to visit my mate’s parents in the Reno-Tahoe area, and watched the balloon races which started before sunrise. 100 Balloons soared up into the sky during mass ascension, which was the grand finale of the show – before that was Dawn patrol and Night Glow.

8. Halloween Costumes: We were “Lions, tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” this year. I was a tiger, and my mate was a lion. I held a bear with a scary mask on that had a poster attached to it that said Oh My! We ran the Haunted Hustle, a fun run at the Sugarhouse Park with zombies and a medal at the end. We dressed up again for a contest at a bar called Gracie’s where the prize was $500, but didn’t win. We also dressed up for the contest at our job but did not win that either. But that is ok, we had a great time dressing up and we looked really awesome!

7. Utah Arts Festival: We went on a Friday to the Utah Arts Festival which was in the summer. A whole large park had been blocked off to create a huge festival with artwork of all kinds, amazin food trucks, performing arts, and concerts. At night we caught Beats Antique. We ate some amazing food and enjoyed looking at all of the art. It was really nice, and a warm day.

6. My mate’s birthday: The day before she turned 33 we went out to this great sushie restaurant where she had some quail eggs and a lot of other stuff that she really loved. I hate teriyaki chicken, which was really good. Then the next day we went to the Tower Theater where they showed indie films, to see “Swiss Army man” which was a really interesting movie. We had a brew afterward. A nice summer hot day.

5. Seeing Family: Though being at my mom’s memorial service was rather sad, I enjoyed seeing a lot of family that I had not seen in many years. I was very touched to see my cousin Jenny out, and my cousin Sara.  I got to see my aunt, and meet my sister’s boyfriend. It was nice being able to socialize with them and see how everyone was. I miss my family often, and this was a good opportunity to see them.

4. Brandi Carlile at Deer Valley: We went to Park City, UT to see Brandi Carlile perform in Deer Valley resort, where, in the winter is a bustling favorite for skiiers. She put on an amazing show as per the usual, having her daughter brought out on stage by her wife, and then having a 9 year old come up and sing along with her. We had a tailgate before the show, with some great food and drink – especially the watermelon rum slushie that my mate made. It was so good I drank all mine down before she had a chance to pour her own.

3. While visiting my mate’s parents this summer, we went kayaking. Her mother had survived cancer and as a present, she got kayaks. We went up to a lake up in the Tahoe area (I did not realize how many lakes are up there!) and took turns in the kayak. It was a nice warm day and I really enjoyed being out on the water with the light breeze lapping at the water while I glided and paddled around. it was serene and enjoyable. I really like kayaking and go whenever I get a chance.

2. The Rodeo: The Days of ’49 Rodeo was in town at the Energy Solutions Arena (Now called Vivint Arena) and we had gotten tickets. It was amazong, and we immediately purchased tickets for the 2nd day. We got to meet a lot of the riders and get autographs. The winner of the barrel racing contest was a 10 year old girl – she was amazing. We had a conversation and picture with the reigning champion the day before. It was a lot of fun.

  1. And the best moment of the year – The spa massage and fun in Park City for my Birthday: My mate treated me to a lovely massage which I enjoyed. I had not ever had a professional massage before so it was pretty cool. We walked around park city and had dinner at High West which is always a good place.

So you see, 2016 had it’s good moments. I would not say that it was the best year I had ever experienced – it in fact may have been the worst. But there are always good moments and bright sides to every storm. And these were the best 10 of them. I’d like to end it on this lovely note, but I have one more blog entry to write. The worst moments of 2016. I had debated to even write it, because I think in my previous blog I explained why I hated 2016, but this will put it into better perspective.



Feeling Better.

In my last entry, I was feeling a little down. My energy was low. I feel better now. I’ve been running everyday, and nearly every one of those days involves being in the sunlight. Sunlight has been known to help bipolar depression, as well as exercise. I have been a little less irritable, and a little more relaxed.

I still have anxiety problems but I found I can manage them easier. I also created a “habit chain” where I do certain tasks for 21 days and then I should naturally feel the inclination to do them. One of them is meditation. I find it so difficult to concentrate, or to sit still. But I am determined to do it no matter what.

I just hope I start losing weight. I’m a little overweight and it doesn’t seem to be coming off quickly. I need to adjust my eating habits, I am pretty sure. It is harder than I thought.

Wish me luck.




The Month of May

So… May. Usually in Washington state, despite your location within, is cloudy and intermittently warm. Some days will be bright blue sky and 70 degrees.. others it will be cloudy and 60. You just have to learn to live with it – and in our case, until we move.


Ah yes, the move. Well… you know how my mate is going to go to school to be an Audiologist. It was decided that going to school in Colorado would be too expensive to live and find a job, so we decided to take a small stop-over on our way, and she’d go to school in Utah. Salt Lake City… which funnily enough, is a huge gay mecca. So I should fit right in. It is more liberal than Spokane, I tell you what. Not that I have been there recently. I drove through there when I was 14. And in 2 weeks I turn 35, you do the math. Cheaper housing, available jobs that start out paying a decent wage. Sounds good! Then when she’s done we’ll move to Colorado the proper way, and love every moment of it.

I’ve been developing a story in my mind that I want to turn into a novel. I don’t want to go into the synopsis here because what if someone steals it? So I will just say my inspiration came from Amanda Knox and the crazy shit she went through with that italian murder trial. The story has nothing to do with her, but the idea came from reading about her story. I found a sort of ‘Romeo and Juliet” angle that I’m going to approach. It involves a murder, a love story, action, and moments of joy and wonder. I think if I really sit down and put my mind to it, this could be a story I actually finish. I have a real problem with that. I’ll start writing a story and then when I hit a roadblock I tell myself I’ll come back to it, but I never do. Eventually the story gets stored away somewhere or deleted entirely after re-reading what I have and deciding it is total crap. I also developed a great idea for a TV series last summer… but I couldn’t figure out how to get it down on ‘paper’ (screen?) so to speak. I need to follow through with things.

Following through: The theme of May. I’ve had a few bad days in May, where irritability reared its ugly head, and caused some fights with my mate. Other times were really energetic and fun, usually on the nice days we could take nice long walks.

Speaking of walks… about a month ago I weighed 177. I freaked out and made myself lose some weight. But I have plateaued at 170. I had gone down to 164 one day, after intense exercise and barely eating, but then I bounced back up when the weather turned and we could no longer take walks in the sun. This time I am serious. My morning regimen includes taking my medicine, doing yoga on the Wii, treadmilling intervals for a mile, then doing a Kelley Coffey workout video. Sometimes twice! Then on nice days to continue this, will take a walk as well as ride the bicycle to work if feasible. All the while eating small portions of healthy food. And taking the “2-week bootcamp’ pills are helping as well… car blocker, fat burner, colon flush, and water/bloat reducer. In 2 weeks, when I have my birthday (Where we plan on camping at lake Skookum), I should be down to 160 I hope. Thats a good start. Then I’d like to be down to 150 and then finally, 140. Go go gadget weight loss!!


Well I think that is it for May, lets see what June holds!


Inserting a random picture just because…


Crap Knee

I have a crap knee. The left one. I looked some things up and from several medical websites learned that perhaps I tore or injured, somehow, my LCL and MCL ligaments, and of course there’s the torn meniscus from when I was a child that never properly healed. I weighed myself and now I am 177 lbs!!!! Oh god!! So I really need to exercise. But nooooo my knee wants to keep me in pain.

Everytime I walk or run or jog, there is pain in my knee and on the side of it. I took some methocarbamol and rubbed icy hot on it, as well as twice today did some strength exercises to help build the muscles around the knee, for support and to prevent further injury.

The other day I had to limp on the treadmill… it sucked. All the websites say not to do exercise until the pain is healed, but I can’t waste any time, I weigh almost as much as I did in 2006, which was 181. Holy jesus! Weight gain: maybe the new pills I take, quetiapine (Seroquel) as well as not being in control of my food portions and also not putting my full effort into my treadmill workout. Which is due to the damn knee problem. Ugh.

So I decided I am going to eat very, very little. I’ll drink a lot of water to fill my belly, and try not to eat as much food. I am not down with anorexia, but I am totally down with cutting my calories in half. According to I am alloted 1234 calories per day. I say I am alloted 900 per day. I know its a crash but it works — and I have carb blockers I can take if I end up eating something like pasta or corn. Or potatoes. etc..

Anyway I am fed up with having the hugest belly on the planet.. none of my shirts fit right and my fatness is out there for all to see. Lovely.

I am 5’3″ and small boned, My BMI has me ideally at 124-140 lbs. I am happy if I can get down to 150 within the next few months. I really got to do this. I have to put my heart and soul into this. I can NOT weigh nearly 180 lbs!!!! NO WAY.



Oh god. I weighed myself yesterday and I weigh 174 lbs. Holy shit, that is just like 9 lbs away from being the heaviest I ever was in my whole life. I am small boned and 5’3″ I should weigh between 130-140 lbs. So I am going to exercise my little buns off and drink a lot of water and eat a lot of salad, soup, and produce. I need to be serious about this, this is really scary for me.


I kinda had been feeling like lately I gained weight but wasn’t sure until yesterday. In 21 days I had gained 9 lbs. Yikes. I made a starting goal of 150, even though that’s still too big, its a goal I think I can accomplish if I am strict about diet and exercise. Lord help me.

We had thought (me and my mate) that I was swinging up into mania because I hadn’t such a need for sleep, was irritable, aggressive, impulsive, and thinking a lot, inside my head, perhaps a little too fast. But today I am kind of tired and could sleep some more. Maybe its the exercise, maybe its the big ‘crash’ after not even having a full blown episode? No idea. I think my depression has slid away though, the seroquel that the dr prescribed seems to be helping.

I need to also pay more attention and have better focus at work, too, in order to make my numbers each night and in July hopefully get a raise.

We shall see, we shall see.

150lbs, here I come!!!

The Holiday Season

I am one of those people who, for the most part, celebrates Christmas but isn’t a Christian. I am more of a spiritual being; a lightworker, some would call it. But I believe Jesus was a real man who spread the word of love and giving and kindness. He was the ultimate human being, and God could be considered his ‘father’, since God or ‘The Source’ is all of our ‘father’s. We are all connected in this universe, together. We are all a peice of this puzzle, so kindness to others is of the utmost importance, and he knew that, and he preached that.

But I do not celebrate Christmas necessarily to reflect on Jesus’ birth. Instead, I celebrate it as a blanket holiday that covers all religions, and non-religions.. all customs and all celebrations, in my own way. I do the tree thing, (I will NOT have Christmas without a tree), I do the food thing. I do the presents thing. So it sounds like a typical christian thing right?

The summary of the holiday is this: The Romans turned from pagan to catholic, and went on their crusades destroying those who refused to convert to christianity. the harbringers of death, if you will. The pagans celebrated the winter solstice around the 22nd in their private ceremonies, and had big holiday feasts and fun on the 25th collectively.The romans thought they’d not only kill the people, but ill the solstice holiday/ceremony by naming December 25 as ‘Christmas’ , or the birthday of Jesus Christ, their savior.  Their real christian holiday was celebrated in January before this. So really no one knows when his birthday is but scholar’s have suggested it is in the springtime. (

Anyway, I am getting off course here. I think the holiday should be celebrated by all religions, if not officially then unofficially, for just recognizing the kindness of others and the kindness within yourself. Have some hot cocoa, have a dinner with family, watch some christmas movies for fun, go sledding if its snow outside. It is nothing to shun, nor is it something that fundamentalist christians in the United States would have bolstered up on a pedestal, claiming that there is a ‘war on christmas’ and those who do not explicitly say “Merry Christmas” and instead deem it more appropriate to include all cultures with “Happy Holidays”, should cease to exist or quietly go lay down in a cold grave somewhere.

I think no matter who you are, or where you are, the tradition can just be a fun time to spend with those you love, in remembrance, or memorial, perhaps, of someone you believe may or may not have actually existed. Likewise, what harm is it to say “Happy Holidays” to everyone you come across, in case you come across someone who doesn’t celebrate it? There is always a happy medium to most problems, and I think coming together in this one is crucial to put aside differences.

So Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, And have fun celebrating whatever the hell you want to, whenever you want to, because in essence, it all comes down to happiness and love.


Polar Bear in a Santa Hat


Disgrace of the Odyssey

So it was July 2013. My mate and I went to the Odyssey Youth Center in the South Perry District to volunteer to help with their annual Halloween masquerade ball. They had sent out fliers and such asking for volunteers from the community. The Youth Odyssey is a special community center for gay, lesbian, bi, and trans youth to spend time before and after class getting support, homework help, or generally just finding friends to do good activities with.

We thought that a worthy cause, and hey we love Halloween, so why not volunteer? Also, the tickets are $50 and we would like to go but can’t afford that so the next best thing would be to help them out and get in free!

Well the meeting was terrible. It was 6 people (me and my mate included) – one of the giant ladies being 20 minutes late or so. They had already chaired each committee, and wondered if us two new people who didn’t know anyone at all, would head up their marketing committee. Fliers, sponsors, etc. We told them we’d rather just help with odds and ends that needed doing – decorating, sending out invites, whatever. My mate noted that things looked, from our point of fview, a l ittle disorganized so she offered to make google docs and organize info on what each person is doing and when, so that we could all come together. They “liked” the idea, but someone was already in charge of things like that who was not present at the meeting so that was that. They also said first-year volunteers needed to buy their own tickets. For $50. Wahhh!

We left feeling weird, awkward, and slightly dismayed. Everything was unorganized, the people were rude, they wanted us to jump in and chair a freakin’ committee and didn’t eben know who we were.. it was all too much. We were on their e-mail list but never heard from them again. I suppose the feeling must have been mutual.

It is Halloween season now, and a few days ago my mate told me excitedly that we get cheap tickets to the masquerade, like $10 apeice, because she’s a student at the local state university. How excited we were! I went out and bought my costume – the ever famed Banana suit. We got her all set up to be a beautiful butterfly.

And then yesterday she gets an e-mail stating they are retracting the offer for non-students to get tickets through them. “You can still come of course” they said. But I’d have to purchase my own ticket for $50 if I wanted to go with her. And we don’t know anyone in this city (we’ve lived here for 3 years now). So who else would she go with? No one but me.

Indian givers.

We decided to dress up anyway that night, and go out to eat somewhere for dinner. I’ll be the best damn banana anyone’s ever SEEN, and she’ll be the prettiest damn butterfly and we’ll have margaritas and burgers and be so happy knowing that we are not associating with them.



See I told you I made chili


In a crockpot add:

Black beans
White beans (any type)
can of tomatoes or tomato sauce
chili powder
green chilies (canned)
chicken (cut any way you like… mine accidentally got shredded which is not how I like them but.. well, it’ll all taste the same later).
Edit: In a dream today during a nap, it came to me: add ketchup for flavor!
Put on high for 4 hours. Then put on low for 2 hours. Eat and enjoy!

I Cook Stuff Too

I also enjoy cooking from time to time. Lately, this means all of the time. For instance, I just got done preparing a crockpot rendition of ‘black and white chicken chili’ that actually looks more black than white, as a surprise for my darling mate who returns from work in an hour.

I’ve also recently made pumpkin soup, pear crisp, and peanut butter caramel dip for all of the apples and pears that we hand-plucked out of trees at Greenbluff. I believe I already mentioned Greenbluff. But I didn’t go into specifics, did I?

It is this network for farms that banded together to form a coalition on this little hill, or bluff, about 20 minuts north of the city. They made a map – you can go from #1 to #30 I think. I may be wrong about the numbers. Anyway, each farm has different items for sale or pick, and a lot of them have their own little country stores and such.

This is the website we usually look at to figure out where to go:

And.. here is their facebook. I apologize that my blog is not yet fancy. I haven’t seen my mate since I created this thing last night, and she is the one that will help show me the ropes.

I suppose an awesome picture of food would be really good to include in a blog post. Ok, I’ll think about it.