A review: Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods”

I have always been a fan of Justin. His dance moves and his fashionable style are pretty spiffy. I’m gay, but I find him to be attractive, for a guy. His voice and vocal range are enticing. So I was happy when a new album finally came out.

We start out on “Man of the Woods” with ‘Filthy’ which has some funk, electronic, and rock all mixed in. Oh, and there’s the R&B influence in the vocals. “If you know what’s good” brings in a Transiberian Orchestra type guitar piece that I’m not a fan of. I don’t think it’s fake though, because I’m not a hater (You will understand that reference when you have a listen to the song).

‘Midnight Summer Jam’ starts out with some funk and disco-like sounds. I can imagine Abba at the forefront at first. I think it is a song about partying and enjoying yourself. Not one of my favorite songs on the album however. It was not catchy enough to, well, catch me.

‘Sauce’ Is a little bit hokey. There are some twangy funk vibes  going on here. There are some unusual sexual references, involving colors. Very inventive. I do not think I am a fan of the twang in the guitar on this song. The hook is catchy though.

‘Man of the Woods’ is a humble song about being about the woods… and his lady. The video for this track has his wife Jessica dancing, proving it is a love song, but I can’t connect the woodsie vibe with love. He’s a man of the woods, though, and it’s his pride. He mentions in some lyrics here that he’s a southern boy. He’s from Tennessee. I always thought that was in the Midwest. It’s higher up than Missouri, which is not southern, it is the Midwest. I never understood that. Oops I’ve gotten off track. Ha, track. Get it?

‘Higher Higher’ is a groovy R&B tune that showcases Justin’s lyrical beauty and the way he wraps the words around a hook real smoothly. I can imagine this one growing on me if I gave it a chance more than I really have. I can imagine this one becoming a single, as it harkens back to the days when Justin had just come from his humble beginnings in a boy band, but with more maturity and more poise.

‘Wave’ starts with a fast little reggae thing going on. It seems to be a song about vacationing somewhere where he can celebrate his love with his wife. It sounds like a mandolin is being used. Or is that a Ukulele? Again more catchy and smooth lyrical genius from Justin.

‘Supplies’ is the best track on the album. The intensity of the heavy R&B mixed with the extremely catchy chorus make for a song that gets stuck in your head. And it’s not really a bad song to get caught in your head. A rap beat set to some background beat boxing (subtle) as well as highly inventive lyrics make this one a track to listen for on the album.

‘Morning Light’ starts off soft, with perhaps what sounds like some old-skool samples from the 60’s (Think Burial), and it opens up into a mix of Americana and R&B. Yes it can be done, Justin shows us. A love ballad here, he hits the mark with his vocals, and the chorus is smooth and brimming with sexiness.

‘Say Something’ is a song, roughly, about being caught in the middle of some drama or fiasco, and the lesson we learn is that sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. The chrorus is appealing and extremely catchy. Might be my 2nd favorite on the album. It’s got that vibe that I like. Just something about it. He sings with Chris Stapleton. I do not know who that is. But in the video he appeared to be a bearded hipster playing guitar. Great track here.

After this there’s an interlude of Jessica talking about Justin’s clothing reminding her of him. I can leave it.

‘Flannel’ Is a sweet song, probably sung to his wife. A bit slow, but he’s got that lyrical magic again… and there’s some Prince-esque vocal fanfare throughout. The chorus is the sweet part. Flannel will keep you warm, you know.

‘Montana’. When I think of Montana I don’t think of a Bee Gee’s disco song, but that’s exactly what Justin gives us here. I imagine indie rock or Americana when I think of Montana… maybe even country. I was not as impressed with this one, as it reminded me of some of the other tracks on the album. It didn’t really spark anything memorable. I also for the life of me could not find the word “Montana” in the song anywhere. I’ll ask Justin about that one.

R&B is stylistically prominent in ‘Breeze off the Pond’ – perhaps another love song (it seems to be a common theme on this album) that shows how content and at peace Justin is with his life and his love. A little slower of a track and it didn’t catch my attention in the background. I don’t remember this one as soon as it is over.

‘Livin off the Land’ has some samples in the beginning, leading into a… hmm.. menagerie of songs. Electronic snipping of Justin’s voice and some subtle beat boxing. Another R&B tune with some prolific lyrics that croon to the masses. I like this one, but again when it stops playing I can’t remember it.

In the next track, Justin wants you to give him ‘The Hard Stuff’…. whatever that means. Another love song, a bit slow again, and something that reminds me of some of the other tracks on the album that didn’t leave a lasting impression on me the first (few) time(s).

‘Young Man’ is a cute song, with Justin singing a song to/for his infant son. How to grow up and be a respectable man. There are some ‘goo-goo and ga-ga’ moments and it sounds a little coochie-coo, but that adds charm, I think, and stylistically the album is a little gospel with R&B mixed together, and there’s some toughness in Justin’s voice as well that would remind one of someone making sure their boy is set straight. A good last track on the album, I thought.

I give the album an A- as it doesn’t hit the mark in all aspects of what people (me) like to listen to, but it does satisfy the groove cravings inside. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go listen to ‘Supplies’ again. Enjoy.




Brandi Carlile’s New Album: A Review

Let me preface this by saying I love Brandi Carlile and the twins… and their music. Ever since I heard the album “The Story”, and subsequently “Bear Creek” (in my top 12 albums of all time I’d say). Next she came out with “Firewatchers Daughter” Which took a while but it grew on me. The Americana sound was played up a bit, and that indie feel of “Bear Creek” took a backseat. So I didn’t know what to expect on this new album. I was excited, though.

The album begins a little weak, with ‘Every Time I Hear That Song’ which makes us think of the past but how far we have come since then. Kind of a slow one, and it didn’t really catch my attention. I always like the first song of an album to be a show stopper. Or at least a real good upbeat vibe, we’ll say.

‘The Joke’ has some good strings and piano parts. Brandi really showcases her voice here. Raw and beautiful. Again however, a little slow and weak. I kept hoping for a stop in the slow and a BAM! Right into a fast song a la ‘The Story’. That didn’t happen, but Brandi’s vocals and the violin/string section make this song promising for the stage.

‘Hold Out Your Hand’ caught my attention right away. Quick vocals spoken in Johnny Cash fashion faster and faster until the song speeds up and takes you into some catchy ba da ba da ba da’s. It took a while to understand the theme of the song but I think they were just having fun. Especially when the march eloquence presents itself in the chorus.

The next song, ‘The Mother’ is one I have heard in concert maybe twice so I knew what to expect. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, just that I knew it already and it is a sweet song, about her daughter that she and her wife had a few years ago. It is endearing and honest, and very authentic where Brandi opens up about sharing her life with this little creature that keeps her in awe. It’s just Brandi and her guitar, stripped down for the authentic and raw effect.

‘Whatever You Do’ went right past me except for the first line “If I don’t owe you a favor you don’t know me”. The rest was just too slow. Un-Prolific guitar in it’s basics, and a Brandi voice that neither tickles nor showers the listener with the doldrums; just ok. After a long verse the chorus comes in, and it seems it took forever to get there. It was a subtle challenge to verify its presence in the song though.

‘Fulton County Jane Doe’ reminded me of that “Everybody stop now what’s that sound, everybody look what’s goin’ down” with the bell tune throughout. A little More upbeat and shiny, a little more polished, this song goes down as a second favorite on the album. I had decided ‘Hold Out Your Hand’ would be my #1. It has a little more spirit to it.

‘Sugartooth’ is next and it, frankly, bores me. I am so so sorry to have to say that. But it is not catchy, the lyrics are nothing inspiring, and once it’s done I can’t remember a single part of it. I actually tried to recall this one and had managed to get “slave to a sugartooth” in my head after much recollection (mostly because I ached for chocolate at the time). Your plain jane song here.

‘Most of All’ in all of it’s glory starts slow, but with a ballad-y intention. Brandi’s voice shines here in this one… but again after the song is over I don’t remember it. Is the guitar lick in this one the same as all the previous songs? I can hear the brothers singing on this one – they seemed mostly absent on this album which is odd because they try to stick together in writing and vocalizing. This one reminds me of ‘Whatever You Do’ in the way that it just seems like ‘a song’ to me, and I could easily skip it rather than repeat it.

I like how ‘Harder to Forgive’ starts with the drums. The lyrics are poetry here, and you can tell the song is building up to something more upbeat than others. I like this one because it goes in a direction that I like. The lyrics you can recall after the song is over, and this one might get stuck in your head. She tells a genuine story about forgiveness in this tale, and the song is cohesive and listenable.

‘Party of One’ starts off with a piano, and a sad sounding Brandi. A soft, soft voice singing about loneliness and anger. A slow song to close out the album. The end of the song just sort of peters out… I said “Wait, what?”

To re-cap and summarize, this album was more poetic and brilliant lyric-wise, but the tempo and music itself just wasn’t there. Perhaps I compare her albums too much with “Bear Creek” because every single song on that album is amazing. This is by no means terrible, and with many more listens it will grow on me. But these are my first impressions. I still love you Brandi, even though you’re a little more tired these days.


Top 10 Chill Albums of 2017





Yes, here it is again. I was afraid I would not get to it — my phone died along with 126 albums on the SD card. Have no fear, I was able to recollect many of those, and from them I curated the ten best (In my opinion). I hope you like them too, and I hope you provide feedback or comments! Would love to hear from you.


10. Fourth Dimension – The Perfect Form (ambient): This album, though ambient, is a hard hitter, with beautiful synths and layers criss crossing through the synapses of your brain like it is on fire. Beautiful music here – listen alone, with headphones, in a quiet space. Brilliant.


9. Slackbaba – Reflections (chillstep/experimental chill)

This album challenges the boundaries of traditional psychill with adding some flavor of chillstep and some bass to back it up. Not as gritty as the previous album “Ask” but definitely has some uber intense vibrations here.


8. Ecometric – Deconstruction (chillstep) : This album has the chill flavor and the dubstep vibe that equals chillstep. Brilliant beats and synths,this one had me dancing around the living room like a dork.

No Youtube Clip available for this album, sadly enough

7. Eat Static- Last Ship To Paradise (psychill): These guys have been going at it for many years. They are veterans of the electronic psychedelic world. Their 2017 effort does not dissapoint. Hitting those beats and squirming them around with psychedelic sauce makes for a great album.


6. Ascendant – Particle Horizon (ambient): If you are looking for a pulsating rhythmic album that is both stark and beautiful at the same time, then you are looking for this ambient masterpiece by Ascendant. Droning forests, psychedelic pads, it all reminds me of the Aurora Borealis. I have yet to see it, but when I do, this is the album that will be playing.


5. Cosmic Replicant – Echo Light (psychill): If you have been a fan of this artist for years like I have then you will know this is slightly different material than we are all used to. It has more depth and character, more ambient than psychedelic, but the drums do come in when needed. This makes for a brilliant show of decadent light. Maybe Echo Light, even.


4. Rising Galaxy – Action Rection(psychill): This album starts off with shining pads and some innovative techno-like sounds, compelling and provacative all at once. Then the synths come in and you are hooked. There is that psychedelic twist you admire. It is here and it is not going away.


3. Chronos- Inner Darkness (psychill): Chronos has entered the top 10 again, this time featuring a darker psychedelic chill album that feasts upon the edginess that you secretly love in electronic music. Starting off slow and misty, it builds into something almost tribal, that I can picture myself dancing to around a bonfire under the starlit sky wearing nothing but a loincloth. And a bra. I couldnt dance without at least one bra on… anyway… have a listen:


2. Ekaologik – Light Seeds (Chillgressive): I found this album whilst searching for a “best psybient of 2017” playlist on spotify and loved it. Slowly dancable beats are a backdrop to beautiful scenes of sunsets and ocean scapes. The intricate plot twists within the songs leave you wondering if you are reading a beautiful book or listening to beautiful music. You will have to see for yourself:


1. Narcose – Panda Eyes (chillstep): Wow! This one came out early in 2017 and I remember running a mile to the store for something and listening to this album in my buds. It was perfect for the energy, but is also perfect for chilling and relaxing. The effort comes off a bit mischievious and sly, but it builds into a beautiful maze of dub-like  beat and psychedelic chill that makes you want more. Hopefully this artist continues to make music in the same vein. Very masterful.

Full album:


2017 was a difficult one for me. I had problems with my phone deleting all my music when putting the SD into a new phone. My computer died in 2016 and I havent had money to replace it so it has been all tablet and all phone. So it was difficut compiling this list, but I listened to as much psychill as I possibly could so that I could make a good list for you. I hope you enjoy the music, and as always please support the artists!!

Best Moments of 2016

I wasn’t going to do this but my mate talked me into it. I thought I’d had enough 2016 stuff in here – the top 10 music and the blog about the bad rough year it has been. But here are some good moments that will be remembered as well. We shouldn’t forget the good stuff.

10. Picasso Painting for my mate on her birthday: For my gal’s birthday, I took her to the Tracy Aviary where a macaw parrot named Picasso painted a picture for her. It was super cute and fun to watch. The end product was adorable.

9. Balloon Races in Reno: In September we went to visit my mate’s parents in the Reno-Tahoe area, and watched the balloon races which started before sunrise. 100 Balloons soared up into the sky during mass ascension, which was the grand finale of the show – before that was Dawn patrol and Night Glow.

8. Halloween Costumes: We were “Lions, tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” this year. I was a tiger, and my mate was a lion. I held a bear with a scary mask on that had a poster attached to it that said Oh My! We ran the Haunted Hustle, a fun run at the Sugarhouse Park with zombies and a medal at the end. We dressed up again for a contest at a bar called Gracie’s where the prize was $500, but didn’t win. We also dressed up for the contest at our job but did not win that either. But that is ok, we had a great time dressing up and we looked really awesome!

7. Utah Arts Festival: We went on a Friday to the Utah Arts Festival which was in the summer. A whole large park had been blocked off to create a huge festival with artwork of all kinds, amazin food trucks, performing arts, and concerts. At night we caught Beats Antique. We ate some amazing food and enjoyed looking at all of the art. It was really nice, and a warm day.

6. My mate’s birthday: The day before she turned 33 we went out to this great sushie restaurant where she had some quail eggs and a lot of other stuff that she really loved. I hate teriyaki chicken, which was really good. Then the next day we went to the Tower Theater where they showed indie films, to see “Swiss Army man” which was a really interesting movie. We had a brew afterward. A nice summer hot day.

5. Seeing Family: Though being at my mom’s memorial service was rather sad, I enjoyed seeing a lot of family that I had not seen in many years. I was very touched to see my cousin Jenny out, and my cousin Sara.  I got to see my aunt, and meet my sister’s boyfriend. It was nice being able to socialize with them and see how everyone was. I miss my family often, and this was a good opportunity to see them.

4. Brandi Carlile at Deer Valley: We went to Park City, UT to see Brandi Carlile perform in Deer Valley resort, where, in the winter is a bustling favorite for skiiers. She put on an amazing show as per the usual, having her daughter brought out on stage by her wife, and then having a 9 year old come up and sing along with her. We had a tailgate before the show, with some great food and drink – especially the watermelon rum slushie that my mate made. It was so good I drank all mine down before she had a chance to pour her own.

3. While visiting my mate’s parents this summer, we went kayaking. Her mother had survived cancer and as a present, she got kayaks. We went up to a lake up in the Tahoe area (I did not realize how many lakes are up there!) and took turns in the kayak. It was a nice warm day and I really enjoyed being out on the water with the light breeze lapping at the water while I glided and paddled around. it was serene and enjoyable. I really like kayaking and go whenever I get a chance.

2. The Rodeo: The Days of ’49 Rodeo was in town at the Energy Solutions Arena (Now called Vivint Arena) and we had gotten tickets. It was amazong, and we immediately purchased tickets for the 2nd day. We got to meet a lot of the riders and get autographs. The winner of the barrel racing contest was a 10 year old girl – she was amazing. We had a conversation and picture with the reigning champion the day before. It was a lot of fun.

  1. And the best moment of the year – The spa massage and fun in Park City for my Birthday: My mate treated me to a lovely massage which I enjoyed. I had not ever had a professional massage before so it was pretty cool. We walked around park city and had dinner at High West which is always a good place.

So you see, 2016 had it’s good moments. I would not say that it was the best year I had ever experienced – it in fact may have been the worst. But there are always good moments and bright sides to every storm. And these were the best 10 of them. I’d like to end it on this lovely note, but I have one more blog entry to write. The worst moments of 2016. I had debated to even write it, because I think in my previous blog I explained why I hated 2016, but this will put it into better perspective.


Best Psy Albums of 2016

Yes, I know it is early, but here it is anyway. You’ll love it either way.

Here is the top 10 Best Psy albums of the year. This time I
smooshed the list into best psychill, ambient, and psytrance, because
I couldn’t find 10 of each really. 2015 was a crummy year for
music in the psy electronic world, and this was a little better, but
one of the reasons of the short list was that my computer broke
in September, and I haven’t replaced it. So I’ve been listening to
the music on my phone. Here are the results:

10. The Key – The Light Within The Darkness the-key

The Key is Ovnimoon and Ascent, bringing together their hard banging styles of progressive psytrance. Fine, sharp melody underlaying steady beats and trippy shadows, this album is a great voyage into the mind. From the bandcamp site of BMSS records, “he Key, an innovative vision plucked from the mind of Ovnimoon from Chile, mixes the psychedelic and progressive sounds of the prolific Ascent from Serbia with the powerful emotions that fuel Progressive Psytrance. With pure fine touches of magical ideas that expand through their music into our harmonious universe, Stuardo & Bojan have soared over both distance and borders bound by the profound alchemy of friendship and fellowship. Using brilliant technical precision, The Key steps forth and delivers tight, definitive Psyprog tracks that encapsulate and stay true to the euphoric delirium of that old school Goa sound. ” https://bmssrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/the-light-within-the-darkness

9. Unusual Cosmic Process – Aerial unusual-cosmic-process
** The first album released by Unusual Cosmic Process in 2016,
Aerial, contains some remixes of the acclaimed “Spactrip” album
from the previous year, as well as some new gems. Sparkling
with polished tones as well as some deep psychill-into-
progressive-psytrance vibes, this album is a must-repeat. From
Ovnimoon records bandcamp site: “After many successful
releases of ambient, downtempo and chill creations, Unusual
Cosmic Process presets his all new album titled Arial. Making a
new musical twist on his sound Arial is a jump into the creation
of progressive psytrance crafting a storyline through some
various arcs of the genre. Once again utilizing the power of his
multiple projects, such as Psypheric and Phantom Sentinel there
are new takes of Spacetrip Part 7, Parallel Streams and No
Gravity, plus an amazing prog remix done for E-Mantra’s track
Passing Through. These songs all bring a deep style that drips
heavy with tribal mystic energy, fueling melodies and acidlines
over intelligent percussion and symphonic atmospheres, the
music will creep through every cell of a dancefloor.”

8. Siebzehn – Starship Signals siebzehn
** From Hadra productions comes Starship Signals, the new
album from Siebzehn, a talented psychill producer who shines
on this album with fusing some ambient and subtle psychelic
vibes together. From the label: “In this refreshing release called
Starship Signal, SiebZehN becomes our heart-warming guide in
the course of a radiant ethereal trip in the deep deafening
silence of cosmos and the vastness of the empty space.
Gathering musical influences since his early childhood, he
transforms them into a broad, lush and meditative audio
experience that brands his very unique sonic signature.
If from Chaos the stars are born, SiebZehN definitely is one of
the brightest ones!” https://beatspace-

7. Dhamika – Endless Horizons dhamika
** This album is full of chillgressive and psychill vibrations that
haunt the mind. This is also worthy of being put onto repeat.
From the label Altar Records: “Dhamika aka Sven Lundgren is
back today to present his second album with Altar Records.
Entitled “Endless Horizons”, the album works in a genre that sits
between downtempo and psychill. While each track is a gem
unto itself, the album is a full experience, which is what you can
say about the best in any genre of music; it’s not just background
or another electronic album in the genre. Sven’s music is like an
ocean wave we longed to dive in and let the crystal clear
glittering pulses of light creating a current that nourishes our life
energy.” https://dhamika.bandcamp.com/album/endless-

6. Koan – Condemned koan
** Another amazing release from the always re-invented Koan.
This album is nothing like the acclaimed “When The Silence
Speaks” but is an amazing journey into darkness with
psychedelic chill vibes. Unable to find a description from the
artist or label on this particular album, I’ll just say this dark
psychedeclic album has ambient, garage, and psy influences that
make this a very unique trip. Made in Russia with a few sparse
french vocals, and the bass can’t go wrong here.

5. Ascendant – Meridian ascendant
** From Synthpaera records comes Ascendant’s 4th album,
Meridian. This is an ambient dream world, brought to light by
flickers of psychedelic chillout and downtempo feeling. From
the bandcamp page: “10,000 years from now. 10,000 light years
from here. A New Land, come of age into a time of abundance,
transcendence and enlightenment. The Age of Earth and Stone,
where… An enlightened man exists alongside post-singularity
machine AI that manifest as floating coils of light. Frozen clouds
are summoned and then flash-melted to provide the planet’s
water, and liquid has memory. A planet where habitats the size,
shape & semblance of mountains hover over large bodies of
water. A planet where enormous belts of sub-orbital forests
scrub the ozone and provide oxygen. A world where gravity
bends, but time does not. A world of alchemical transmutation,
elemental summoning, and abundance. The Age of Earth and
Stone. Meridian. ”

4. Various Artists – Starseed starseed
** Much like Ascendant’s ‘Meridian’, this album jumps into the
ambient/psychill cosmic soundwaves and takes the listener on a
hypnotic voyage. Also on label Synphaera, Ascendant, Germind,
Fourth Dimension, and Chronos are just some of the featured
artists. From the bandcamp page:” Matter spreads through space
like a cosmic code traversing the universe inside solar
windblown motes of space-dust or interwoven into encoded
beams of starlight. Explore this cosmic migration through the
stars and the origins of life, as the artists on STARSEED evoke the
patterns and frequencies of the universe. Every man and woman
is a star. ” https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/album/starseed

3. Sky Technology – Spirituality sky-technology
** Taking a break from goa trance, Sky Technology brings the
melodic layers of goa with a fusion of downtempo psychill vibes
and presents a master blast of a trip. Take the trip of this album,
on repeat, several times. Think “E-Mantra” and you’ll know how
it feels. Beatspace records bandcamp:

2. Astronaut Ape – Unknown Sector astronaut-ape
** My favorite downtempo artist is back with a new gem of an
album that features a space theme, (what can you expect with a
name like Astronaut Ape?) that takes the listener on a journey
through an entrancing forest of spacetime. From the
Microcosmos records bandcamp: “Microcosmos Records
presents “Unknown Sector”, long-waited chillout album by
Astronaut Ape. Space. Dark, cold and empty void between the
stars. Despite all the space explorations, we still know nothing
about it. What are quasars, actually? How can we travel to
another galaxy? Why the universe is expanding? Are there any
other civilizations or we are alone in the space? We don’t have
the answers yet. But one day humanty will explore the unknown
sector of space! Astronaut Ape is a guy in the orange space suit.
He do ambient and chill-out gigs for last 5 years and got fans on
every continent of planet Earth. Once he became an expert in
proper mood flow at chill space of any size. Try what he has to
offer on his 5th album! Warm cosmic melodies topped up with
radio transmissions, computer noises and slow pulsating
rhythm. They teleport us right into the spaceship. Robots doing
routine tasks, crew members are on their stations, all systems
ready to hyperspace jump. One lonely spaceman looks into the
window… Deep bass patterns, relaxing echoes and sci-fi sounds
lift your emotions to the higher level. This music is inspirational
and relaxing at the same time. Wonder what’s next? Experience
the great music journey in space and time! Welcome to the
“Unknown Sector”…”

1. Dreaming Cooper – Mysterious Places dreaming-cooper
** Dreaming Cooper comes in at #1, definitely taking the listener
on a hallucinogenic rapture to mysterious places indeed. While
boiling over with psychedelic chillout madness, the album is
subtle and smooth, clean, crisp, and clear. From Altar Records
bandcamp: “After years of silence, Victor Khlyustov aka
Dreaming Cooper is coming back with a full album entitled
“Mysterious Places”. This opus was composed with the blue
color in mind and was made especially for Altar Records.
Comprised in a range of 85-95 bpm with smooth 4/4 beats and a
slight old-school feeling, it’ll be sure to inspire both spiritual
feelings and a deep desire to go outside and look at trees.
Guaranteed to give a very relaxing feel, completely dreamy and
de-stressed… ”

A Great Various Artists Album

If you’re into psychill or psybient music, you will just love.. LOVE the new Various Artists album “Starseed”. (https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/album/starseed)It has tracks by the likes of Ascendant, Martin Nonstatic, Germind, Chronos, etc. and it is beautiful.

That reminds me to put in a plug in for soma.fm internet radio with no commercials, and it is free. They rely on donations from people who listen, or from merchandise of theirs that is purchased. They have over 20 stations, I believe, but my favorite, Space Station Soma plays a lot of psychill, psybient, and ambient with beats. Very chill, but very cool because they play a lot of everything. So if you want to check them out, just go to soma.fm and you’ll get to sample every channel they have and pick a favorite like I have. I recommend it.

Anyway back to my point, I first heard Ascendant on Space Station Soma, and now I am in love with those albums. There are three, all on bandcamp, and all are beautiful psybient tracks. (the most recent album is https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/album/meridian)

I highly recommend checking these albums out if you love chill music. Very good stuff. In fact, I am surprised Ascendant isn’t on the Ultimae label!

Music Mode

Has anyone out there used the Music Mode player from last.fm on Windows 10? I am finding that I really like it, although I wish it had 2 things that I really almost require in a music player: The ability to drag and drop files into a playlist, and larger album art. Other than that, this combs your library and you can sort by genre, artist, decade, year, album, etc. Pretty neat.


Not This Year.

I decided today that I am not going to do a top 10 music this year. It just takes up too much of my time listening to brand new stuff, ad never getting a chance to listen to anything that I already own. I might, at the end of the year, write a brief article on some releases that really caught my attention, but nothing more.

I love music, and I love discovering new artists, albums, tracks. But it consumes my time in doing so. I just went through my Music Mode and found about 50 80’s and 90’s acid albums, many which I haven’t listened to yet. Ain’t nothing like acid techno, I say.


AIMP 3 (And the Media Player Dilemma)

So. I have used Winamp since the year 1999 (I think) to listen to mp3’s that I’d downloaded from such sites as audiosatellite and limewire. Remember those? Over the years Winamp has developed into a more robust media player. It can play videos of all sorts, music files of all types, rip music, even sync your iPod (I had trouble with that part though). The best part, is that through those years, they developed awesome skins. I hope you all know what a skin is. Its a ‘theme’ for your player, to make it look different than the default.

I got a little skin-crazy and downloaded recently, about 25 different ones. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, or what color scheme I wanted. Too many choices. I found foobar2000, another audio music player that had some amazing skins that were customizable. Here is what I needed! I downloaded it and found the default player to be extremely boring, so I downloaded a skin called Spotifoo, which made it look awesome.



It had everything I had ever wanted in a player. It was robust and amazing to look at. What was I thinking when I got bored again and decided to switch skins? Somehow it wasn’t as easy this time around. You have to download and un-rar the files. Then  insert this file into this folder, that file into that folder, create this folder and put this in there and that in that, etc.. so confusing. Each skin gave different directions. I messed it up. Uninstall. Re-install. Uninstall again. Finally, frustrated, I went back to Winamp.

Now.. the problem here is that Winamp is great, but when it comes to looking at it, all the cPro skins just didn’t have enough room for customization that I would have liked. They were all pretty much the same layout with a few cosmetic differences. I wanted something really awesome to look at, and something more robust and amazing. Enter AIMP3:


Not only are all the skins totally different with some crazy options (mine that I currently use is in the above picture)… they also claim to have the best audio, and DSP built in. And its true, my music sounds amazing in this player!! I think I am finally happy.

Oh and one more thing. On another note… I love music. I love it. I would listen all the time if I could. BUT: I am not one of those stupid nerdy or pretentious FLAC people. I don’t give a flying fuck at a rolling donut if it is “lossless”. The human damn ear can’t tell the difference, did you know? My mate is an aspiring audiologist, and its true. This FLAC trend is absolute nonsense. Some people say they can hear the difference. These people are saying they can hear frequencies that dogs can hear. Give me a break, people.

Ok, stepping off the soap box.

The End.