Best Moments of 2016

I wasn’t going to do this but my mate talked me into it. I thought I’d had enough 2016 stuff in here – the top 10 music and the blog about the bad rough year it has been. But here are some good moments that will be remembered as well. We shouldn’t forget the good stuff.

10. Picasso Painting for my mate on her birthday: For my gal’s birthday, I took her to the Tracy Aviary where a macaw parrot named Picasso painted a picture for her. It was super cute and fun to watch. The end product was adorable.

9. Balloon Races in Reno: In September we went to visit my mate’s parents in the Reno-Tahoe area, and watched the balloon races which started before sunrise. 100 Balloons soared up into the sky during mass ascension, which was the grand finale of the show – before that was Dawn patrol and Night Glow.

8. Halloween Costumes: We were “Lions, tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” this year. I was a tiger, and my mate was a lion. I held a bear with a scary mask on that had a poster attached to it that said Oh My! We ran the Haunted Hustle, a fun run at the Sugarhouse Park with zombies and a medal at the end. We dressed up again for a contest at a bar called Gracie’s where the prize was $500, but didn’t win. We also dressed up for the contest at our job but did not win that either. But that is ok, we had a great time dressing up and we looked really awesome!

7. Utah Arts Festival: We went on a Friday to the Utah Arts Festival which was in the summer. A whole large park had been blocked off to create a huge festival with artwork of all kinds, amazin food trucks, performing arts, and concerts. At night we caught Beats Antique. We ate some amazing food and enjoyed looking at all of the art. It was really nice, and a warm day.

6. My mate’s birthday: The day before she turned 33 we went out to this great sushie restaurant where she had some quail eggs and a lot of other stuff that she really loved. I hate teriyaki chicken, which was really good. Then the next day we went to the Tower Theater where they showed indie films, to see “Swiss Army man” which was a really interesting movie. We had a brew afterward. A nice summer hot day.

5. Seeing Family: Though being at my mom’s memorial service was rather sad, I enjoyed seeing a lot of family that I had not seen in many years. I was very touched to see my cousin Jenny out, and my cousin Sara.  I got to see my aunt, and meet my sister’s boyfriend. It was nice being able to socialize with them and see how everyone was. I miss my family often, and this was a good opportunity to see them.

4. Brandi Carlile at Deer Valley: We went to Park City, UT to see Brandi Carlile perform in Deer Valley resort, where, in the winter is a bustling favorite for skiiers. She put on an amazing show as per the usual, having her daughter brought out on stage by her wife, and then having a 9 year old come up and sing along with her. We had a tailgate before the show, with some great food and drink – especially the watermelon rum slushie that my mate made. It was so good I drank all mine down before she had a chance to pour her own.

3. While visiting my mate’s parents this summer, we went kayaking. Her mother had survived cancer and as a present, she got kayaks. We went up to a lake up in the Tahoe area (I did not realize how many lakes are up there!) and took turns in the kayak. It was a nice warm day and I really enjoyed being out on the water with the light breeze lapping at the water while I glided and paddled around. it was serene and enjoyable. I really like kayaking and go whenever I get a chance.

2. The Rodeo: The Days of ’49 Rodeo was in town at the Energy Solutions Arena (Now called Vivint Arena) and we had gotten tickets. It was amazong, and we immediately purchased tickets for the 2nd day. We got to meet a lot of the riders and get autographs. The winner of the barrel racing contest was a 10 year old girl – she was amazing. We had a conversation and picture with the reigning champion the day before. It was a lot of fun.

  1. And the best moment of the year – The spa massage and fun in Park City for my Birthday: My mate treated me to a lovely massage which I enjoyed. I had not ever had a professional massage before so it was pretty cool. We walked around park city and had dinner at High West which is always a good place.

So you see, 2016 had it’s good moments. I would not say that it was the best year I had ever experienced – it in fact may have been the worst. But there are always good moments and bright sides to every storm. And these were the best 10 of them. I’d like to end it on this lovely note, but I have one more blog entry to write. The worst moments of 2016. I had debated to even write it, because I think in my previous blog I explained why I hated 2016, but this will put it into better perspective.




I’ve been feeling ‘blue’ lately. I’m having a hard time with my mate, a lot of the time, because I can’t stop wanting my way all the time, or ignoring problems, or generally acting irresponsible. I have bad anxiety and want to shut myself out from the world. It hasn’t turned into full blown despair, however if I put my toe one inch over the line it could happen.

I’m reading this book called “Lightworker”. It is about Indigo Children, all grown up now (a Gamma Generation Indigo child was born from about 1979 to 1988), and how we all are starting to “wake up” now. A lot of us share common traits, depression, anxiety, mental disorders, addiction, etc because the darkness of the earth, the low and sludgy vibration is pulling us down. We get caught up in the material and have lost our purpose. A lot of us had a hard time in school. I grew up in the time before ADD/ADHD so I didn’t get that part of it, but I had attention problems, and motivation issues. I suffered in school work.

Our purpose is to bring light to the world… to make change somehow. Earth is slowly dying and we’ve been sent here to help prevent that from happening, or at least delay it somehow. We were meant for something greater and special, but most of us have been taught at an early age that psychic abilities do not exist.

Other traits of Indigos include psychic or extra-sensory perceptions. There are different fields and qualities of these, but for me, I noticed after reading halfway into the book that I am sensitive to touch. Certain fabrics, certain textures bother me, and this means my hands would be good for healing. Healing ailments, and sicknesses. This is what I’ve had dreams about, and had intuition that I would be good at. It is something I’ve actually looked into.

My mate is slightly skeptical, and I can understand that. When I went manic about 5 years ago for about 2 weeks, I thought I was Jesus reborn again or some such thing, and went on a “I am the chosen one” kick for a while. So now she is wary, as one would be, about this sort of thing, and worries I slide into mania too easily with this way of thinking.

But this is something I’ve thought my whole life. I’ve had OOB’s when I was a young child, I’ve had premonition/prohetic dreams, I’ve had extreme psychic intuition. I had my mom do a reading once for me to discover my spirit animal, and it was a hawk. She guided me through a forest and a desert and the first animal I saw would be the one that would be my guide.  (I wonder if Ospreys count? Go Seahawks!!!!)

Anyway, I WAS meant to do something special, perhaps heal with my hands. I need to figure out how to do this, but first I need to get positive again, and let the white light inside again. I need to feel light once more.



My Mom

Right now, my mom’s name is Jan. She is a loving mother and a good wife to my step-father. Her sense of humor is very sarcastic and fun. She is fun to talk to for hours and hours, about anything.

She and I share a lot of the same beliefs in things like spirituality, metaphysics, and the paranormal.

She and I are very close.

Soon I will be using these things in the past tense, as any time between now and tomorrow she will be gone.

I cry because I will miss her. That is the human side. I am happy for her that she’s going home… her real true home, and jealous, as it is full of love and light and peace. So I don’t feel bad for her, just her suffering.


Today I had my sister hold the phone up to my mom’s ear. She is non-responsive, doesn’t eat, doesn’t sleep. It is almost time now. But I told my mom how much I loved her, and that I’d see her again soon, and to go to her happy place once she moves on with her journey into the life after lives. I told her how much we all loved her, and how she was loved. It felt good to be able to say goodbye. Originally she was going to die with dignity via doctors, but this is happening quicker than that could allow.


Mom, I love you and I will never forget you. I will see you again, and you can show me the beautiful quiet forest that you always dreamed about.


Be well, with love and light.


I Live In Utah! Part 2

So I have been living here in Salt Lake City for about a month now. Even have my drivers license coming in a few weeks. I like keeping my WA plates on my car, though. I hope to keep them at least another month or two. So yes people still drive like maniacs here but I am getting used to it. I don’t drive that way — I still drive in a respectful and lawful manner, but at least I know what to expect from everyone else.

Work has been kind of stressful for me. I felt discouraged a few times which has made me really really anxious. I don’t want the pressure to make me crumble.  So I am doing various relaxing techniques to help me feel better. Its not an easy job and I do not feel that I am learning at the rate they hoped I would be.

We have gone to the capitol building on a nice walk, and climbed up high to see the whole city and mountains. We discovered that Sundays are the best day to bicycle downtown because everything is closed (!!! what the heck?) so there’s not much traffic.

Yesterday (Memorial day) we were off from work an had an amazing walk in the morning. We went downtown pretty far (4 miles round trip) and had coffee at our favorite coffee shop (so far) that we found one day whilst driving around. It was a very nice walk and the weather was nice.

I hereby declare that my past request for clouds become null and void, and that I would like blue sky and a medium temperature, such as 60 – 70 F. That would be perfect. I’d like it for walks and for my birthday, as well, which is coming up a little over a month from now. We plan on going to Antelope Island, this cool island park on the Great Salt Lake.

So far we like it here, there is lots to discover and a lot to see. We want to see the Sounders play RSL, we want to go to Jazz games and maybe a symphony… there’s lots to do. Brandi Carlile comes to play soon as well. We’ll be there!


So I predict fun times ahead. So, Mr. Weather, bring me some clear blue sky. Thanks!



Not Sure How To Cleanse A Stone

So I have this stone that my mate’s parents got me from Montana (I think, or maybe South Dakota?) and it is very pretty. It stands for helping with anxiety, meditation, and calm. I think I’ve identified it as sodalite. But I’m not sure how to properly cleanse it. I’ve worn it a few times already, but havent “made it mine” you know. I need its energy to match my own so it can help me.



Does anyone reading this have any good ideas? (practical and easy)? I don’t have a stream nearbye, or a pyramid, or smuding abilities. I may be able to put it in a cup of water and set it out under the moon and sun for 24 hours withle setting my intentions to it, etc. Anything else that might be easy?

Spokane, WA

Ahhh.. Spokane. You knew it was coming sooner or later, right?

In the Spring of 2010, I had been dating my mate for 7 months when we came to Spokane one weekend for her Aunt’s 60th birthday party. Before the party we decided to check out some parks and check out the downtown area, which we liked. We went on the gondola ride to see the huge Spokane falls which are right downtown. The city is the 2nd largest in the state of Washington but it had a suburban feel to it that I missed. In Seattle, you might as well call the entire geographical reference area of Marysville to Olympia “Seattle” because it doesn’t stop being city or urban. Its a gigantic ball of concrete for miles and miles. Out here it felt more spread out.

So, tired of living life with roommates and spending so much money for nothing — and sick of one of the country’s worst traffic areas, decided to live in Spokane. We moved in sight-unseen at our new place, which is an apartment on the 2nd floor that overlooks the Spokane river. What a view, we thought! And way within our budget! I wonder why? We thought. We found out.

In my head, I had it that I could still make the same wages as I did living in Seattle. Wrong. I had moved with $2000 in the bank account and no job, and my mate didn’t have one, either. Within a week I found a job where a friend of mine worked (who, incidentally, also worked with me at the prior job I had in Bothell, WA). They offered $10 an hour. Yuck! What? I was making $18 (approx, it was a salary) before… and now here I am doing worse work for less. Something’s not right here, I thought.

My mate found a job at a place that we had a good hunch about and things turned out in her favor there. Meanwhile, the job I had laid everyone off in June because their contract had been ended abruptly with the company that had contracted the work. I was laid off a little earlier than everyone else because of my anxiety issues, jumping out the roof. I was then unemployed for almost a year and a half before finding a really shitty job that paid $14 an hour — working for a temp agency at an insurance company call center. That was probably the worst job I ever had. They taught us for only 2 weeks before pushing us out on the phones with only 2 people to help us if we got stuck. The teaching was a rush-job, and no one had any clue what to do and when, or what to say and to whom. It was a mess. The temp company’s policy was to go with whatever sick policy the company had, which was unless you’ve worked there for 6 months or more, no sick time off. I was having the worst anxiety I’d ever had. I was throwing up constantly and having really bad panic attacks. Finally I told them I needed a day. When I got home the contracting company called and said the insurance company didn’t want me back. So I had been “fired” technically. On one hand I was relived, but on the other, very scared. Luckily just 4 days later I nabbed a really crummy job at K-Mart, for $9 an hour. Originally I was going to be doing work in the toy and garden department, but instead they made me a cashier. So for 5 months that is what I did, before finally landing the job I wanted, where I currently have been for the past 2 years. It still doesn’t pay anything like Seattle wages do, but then you also save that money in gas. Its only a 4 minute drive from home, and on days when it is not above 85 degrees I can ridge my bicycle.

Ok so background aside, here is Spokane laid out for you in a nutshell. For miles and miles east, west, south, and north, there is nothing. Suddenly, there is Spokane. You come here to the “big city” from western Montana and Idaho. You carry your gun-toting redneck values with you, but since its a college town, they get toned down just a slight bit.

The downtown area of Spokane is a great place to take visitors. There’s the beautiful Riverfront park that was the site of the 1974 World’s Fair. There’s the downtown shopping district, and now a beautiful new area up on the cliff overlooking the river and downtown with lovely condos. And then… there’s the rest of Spokane, including where I live.

My neighborhood could be worse. It could just scream ghetto and be extremely unpleasant to go out into after dark. Maybe it already is. But it isn’t just that bad, yet. In 2012 a lady that lived in the trashy apartment complex next to ours was out at 8am walking her dog on the sidewalk 100 meters from our apartment, and brutally stabbed to death. Before she died, a construction worker who had come to her aid remembered she told him the assailant was black and had a bad eye.

The police said they were doing everything in their power to catch the guy, and canvassing the area. Not once did we see a police officer, let alone did one ever knock on our door to ask us questions. 6 months later, a woman was attacked on the Centennial trail (a bike/footpath that goes from Idaho through Spokane) on the Gonzaga University campus. About a week later, a lady on the Centennial trail was attacked by a man wielding a mallet. A maintenance worker at a nearby retirement home chased the assailant into the river and kept him there until the police came. They captured 17 year old Avondre Graham, who lived  in the trashy apartment complex next to ours. He was black, and had a bad eye. He confessed to the murder of Sharlotte McGill, and got 10 years in prison. He had been here laying low in the neighborhood for almost 6 months. HELLO POLICE!! Canvassed the area, did you?

Its not just the lack of comfort regarding safety in the area.. the drivers are terrible, too. Coming up to a red light or a stop sign, the person coming the other direction almost always seems like they’re going to blow through the light or sign. They come right up to it, slam on their brakes, and end up 3 feet into the intersection. Every. Time.

The tailgating here is HORRIBLE! I thought Seattle was bad. In Seattle you HAVE to tailgate or else someone else will slide right into your 2-car-rule buffer zone and take up that space anyway. Here, where roads are wider and traffic less dense there should seem to be no need for it. But it is rampant. If you put your blinker on to make a right hand turn, and haven’t even slowed down to make it quite yet, the person behind you will get in the other lane. They just don’t have time for you to take your 1.5 seconds to make a right hand turn.

There are plenty of big huge trucks that make a lot of noise and make a lot of pollution, and are usually driven by men who everyone knows, must have a really small penis. You don’t see many big pickup trucks in Seattle. Cars are smaller in Seattle – much like Europe. Cars in Spokane are larger – much like Texas. And they like to un-muffler them, and drive them going 50 mph down our street, which is a 30mph zone.

People let their dogs off leash here, despite leash laws, and do NOT pick up after their dogs when they poop. This is the only place I’ve been that doesn’t pick up after their dog when in public. It is very disgusting. A lot of people here let their cats live outside, which is not good. This can spread disease and give the cat a very poor quality of life, and shorten its life span tremendously.

While driving on Sprague, the street notorious for its “charge by the hour” motels, we play the game “walking or working”. Is she just walking down the street? Or is she working? Most people that you see walking, anywhere, are seedy looking. even the people standing at bus stops. Everyone is in weird clothes here, or too fat to fit into what they are trying to wear. There is a lot of loud cussing in public. There is a murder everyday in the city, but 12 house fires or in the summer, brush fires a day. There is at least one officer-involved shooting a month, and just as many internal police investigations. A lot happens on our street, too. Just the other day a brush fire broke out across the street from our apartment. I got some pictures on my phone. A lot of people jump off the bridge down the street to commit suicide. We have a team of river-rescue workers down here at least once a month, it seems.

At the end of our street, it crosses with Mission Ave, a big arterial. Right at the confluence there, it meets the river, and under the bridge is where you go to score your.. whatever you need. I think its mostly meth under the bridge but I could be wrong.

This leads me to the next topic: homelessness. There are homeless camps down at the river’s edge on our side of the river where the trees and bushes are thick. Walk on the trail here and listen to the voices, or see the tops of tents poking out. There are homeless people EVERYWHERE in Spokane, and yet the Mission is not full. In fact there are so many beds available there. They even give you job counseling, help you apply for programs to get your own place, they give you food and clothes, etc. Their only stipulation: No drugs or alcohol. So you know those camps down by the river here are full of drunkards or druggies. And they own the streets. The Safeway down the street has lost more shopping carts to homeless people (or stupid people without a car who take their groceries home in the carts) that they’ve had to put wheel-locking devices on them, and supposedly once they exit the perimeter of the parking lot, lock up ad you can’t take them anywhere. This has been seen as largely unsuccessful, as I still see homeless people pushing their Safeway carts up the road and toward their little camp.


Also another thing that surprised me when we moved here is all the smoking. Everyone in Spokane smokes cigarettes!! I’ve never seen so many people smoke. Seattle people don’t really smoke, because they are educated and aware of the risks. But Spokane never got the word, and they smoke like chimneys here. Everywhere you go you have to hold your breathe or risk choking in the clouds of smoke that are abound.


People are very poor here, including us, so everyone is on food stamps. There is a large population of conservatives, so we have determined the best time to go grocery shopping to avoid the crowds is at 8:00 AM on Sundays, while the rest of the city is at church. Spoakne can’t seem to keep a decent restaurant open. Why? Is it because people are too poor to spend money at restaurants? Probably – since the lines are long at the DSHS for people waiting to get their food stamps.


People in Spokane do not, for the majority, know who the Seattle Sounders FC are. I have to explain to people that the Sounders are BIG in Seattle, and sell almost the same amount of tickets to Centurylink Field as the Seahawks do. But people outside of the big cities don’t know what soccer is, and certainly don’t know there’s a Major League Soccer team in Seattle that is HUGE and has a large population of crazy fans. They have no clue here.

Spokane is a city, but it feels like a suburb that has a small but nice downtown area. Its not like Seattle, or any other city I’ve been to. It is in its own little world.


It is definitely not home. It was never meant to be, and it never will be. I meet people and hear about people born and raised here, and all  I can think is “wow.. I am terribly sorry to hear that.”



Its Just Like Getting Back On a Bicycle.



So Saturday and Sunday there was a big Spokane bike swap at the fairgrounds that me and my mate went to. Saturday she bought a bicycle that she liked, for $30! original retail value of $499 I think. No damage, good condition, had a pouch that came with extras – a pump and some gloves. The next day we went back, and I got a bicycle too! It is an early birthday present from my mate. Good quality, my favorite color (purple) and only $30!!  A slightly smaller one (I hate not being able to touch the ground with both feet, scares the hell out of me). Mine is purple, hers is black. In this picture, though, you can’t tell. Mine is the one in front. I got a messenger bag, too, to carry with me slung around my shoulder so that I don’t have to lug around a heavy backpack while I ride. I am taking it to work tonight. I only work about a 4 minute drive, and we timed it yesterday and it took 13 minutes. I’ll leave a half hour early, though, just in case… Not sure where to put it once I get there. My workplace doesn’t have any bike racks. Might have to bring it inside and put it against the wall in the lobby or something. I’ll do that first, then ask around what to do with it.

So I’ve always heard that stupid saying, “Oh its just like riding a bicycle.” This insinuates that something someone hasn’t done in a long time will be remembered instantly. Not so. I forgot how to ride a bicycle. It has been about 15 years since I rode one, and I was shaky and couldn’t steer properly. Not to mention didn’t know how to work the gears and hand brakes very well. After a while riding though I think I got a better hang of it. I’ll ride it often this summer and I’ll get used to it again. But, no, you can’t just hop on a bicycle after 15 years and remember how to ride one. So do not heed that stupid statement, it isn’t true.




Spokane, WA. It is where I live now, with my mate. In 2010, exasperated by the high cost of living in the Seattle metro area, we decided to move to Washington State’s 2nd largest city, 6 hours away. Spokane. My mate’s aunt lives here, and we had come for a visit in June of 2010 for her aunt’s birthday, and did some exploring. We liked it enough that we decided to move here.

After living here for almost 4 years, I can say that it has been very interesting. There are some odd things about this city that stump me and I can’t figure out. Mostly, the people. There are a lot of homeless people, and there is a mission close by with empty beds. This mission, as long as you are alcohol and drug-free, will help you get back on your feet. But instead, across the street from our apartment, they set up camp in the trees and bushes, drinking and drugging. The cops don’t care. There are not many cops in the area to begin with, and they have other things to deal with, such as daily shootings in various neighborhoods across the city.

A lady was murdered about 100 yard from my apartment in 2012. It turns out the murderer was in the apartments across the street from us the whole time, and the cops had said they “canvassed the area” and this guy fit the description of the murderer exactly. Before the woman died, she told a construction worker the details of his appearance. It was only 3 months later that he was caught, as he tried to beat a lady over the head with a mallot on the Centennial trail (again not too far from our apartments) and a landscaper caught him and held him until the police came.

Then there is the smoking. In Seattle I rarely saw people smoking cigarettes. Not many people did. And if they did, they hid it pretty well, and everyone always talked about wanting to quit, and often would, if they smoked to begin with. But Spokane.. has got to have the largest population of cigarette smokers I’ve ever seen. I wonder if its because the poverty of the city resulted in a lack of proper education, but I can’t be sure. It seems like everyone I meet, everyone I work with, smokes. It is a crazy amount, and it is disgusting.

Besides the smoking problem there is also a pedestrian problem. This leads to a  major hit and run problem. People in this city like to, instead of using crosswalks, cross at random places, often when cars are indeed coming their way, and they often dart out in front of cars, as though kamikaze. This results in at least one hit-and-run per day. In fact, a week or so ago about 800 yards from my apartment, some homeless man at 4:AM was crossing the bridge to get down to the river (no crosswalk there, at all) and a car hit him. Then another car hit him. Then another car hit him. Then another car hit him. And then, finally, another car hit him. After being hit by 5 different cars, the man of course died, and no one has found any of the perpetrators. They all drove away as fast as they could.

Neighbors. It seems like there is a very high turnover in our apartment complex. We’ve been here the whole time we’ve lived in this city, and I’ve seen maybe 10 different tenants in the apartment unit next door, and perhaps as many in the other units in my building. Every single family or person that has moved in, has been extremely loud at terrible hours, or obnoxious. 2 bed room apartments with a mom, dad, and  4 kids… trashy people who look methed out… its just really sketchy and we keep wondering why our landlord allows these people to rent here. We’ve had to make several emails and calls to her in the middle of the night to report some serious noise disturbances like wild parties, loud music, domestic violence, and screaming children. Our bedroom is unfortunately next to the stairs, and the stairs themselves are not quiet ones (I am a quiet walker and I still make noise on them, unintentionally). So when other people who are NOT conscientious lumber down the stairs (and by that I mean run and yell loudly while doing it), it wakes us up if we’re asleep, or annoys us if we are at home during the day relaxing. We’ve all but given up.

There is also a major tailgating problem in this city. In Seattle it was necessary to tailgate otherwise you would be smashed by another car, as traffic was so tight there, and there were jams everywhere. Here, there is comparitively not as much traffic at all, and yet people will ride up your tailpipe without a second thought. There is so much room here to drive, not like Seattle – the streets are wide, there’s not a huge population (the city itself is 210,500 and the metro area is about 500,000) so its not like traffic is squished in. But people here will ride your asshole like they’re in a hurry. And this is especially odd: whenever I put my blinker on to make a RIGHT hand turn, from the right hand lane, the person behind me, no matter how far back or close they are, always switches into the left lane, as though they couldn’t possibly wait the 2 seconds it takes me to turn right. The reason eludes me.

Spokane is definitely weird, and its by no means ‘home’. Its a stop over until our real life can begin. I d know Spokane has some redeeming qualities, such as the Riverfront Park and the Riverside State Park. There is Green Bluff nearby where a coalition of agricultre growers banded together to form an area where you can go to different numbered farms and ranches and pick your own fruit and veggies, or buy pre-picked, or have wine tastings, etc.. and there is also a really great bookstore nearby, downtown. The centennial trail, minus the sketchy people sometimes on it, is pretty cool to walk to downtown from home. Its only a 3 mile walk.

But Spokane is.. unique, and I will never really get used to its idiosyncrasies.


Snowboarding Take 3

So yesterday was our final day of our EZ123 snowboarding lesson package. At first I was put in level 2 with my mate but I needed extra help so they assigned me my own personal instructor. I couldn’t get the hang of the heel edge to slow down or stop the board. I had him help me in tandem but I still didn’t really get it until the end. I would cruise high-speed down the mountain and try and stop by going onto my heels straight across but I’d stick my butt out too far and fall on it. There are some funny videos that my mate took of me doing just such a thing. Unfortunately they are on Facebook and I can’t seem to figure out how to link it here. I’ll figure it out and post it later. Its full of great falls on my butt that you will love.


I am soooo sore and tired today!!

Me and the Moose

Me and the Moose