HDR Photography

This is a bummer. I just got this wonderful fujifilm Finepix s1000fd at the pawn shop for $39. Works great and takes amazingly pretty shots. But how to do HDR? This is a conundrum.

The top of the camera has a handy button that, if pushed, sets it to take multiple successive shots, one after the other. But how to control the expsosure of each shot? Me dumb, please help if you know.


And just to delight the senses I suppose I ought to post a picture of my past HDR work to show you I am serious here.

HDR of Spokane
HDR I took

EDIT: Hmm I may have stumbled upont he answer! The camera cannot be in “auto” mode to do it. I need manual mode, and then hit the multi-shot button, hit menu, choose bracketing with different exposures, and there you g! Some of my shots came out pure white, though.. dunno about that. But the last photo I took was a test of my living room and it worked! Subsequently, since it was a shot of my living room, I will not be sharing it here. No one needs to see the vast library, lava lamps, and artwork on the walls. I mean, BORING, right? Ok maybe later.

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